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At Matt Davis Insurance Agency, we value our customers and offer them exceptional service, as well as attention to detail. We can find the perfect combination of coverage and cost to fit your individual needs and get you the best value. Call now for free and competitive quotes.

What’s the difference between an independent and captive insurance agent? An independent insurance agency petitions, composes and combines policies for their customers using multiple different insurance companies. Captive agents work for only one insurance provider while independent agents work for you. Being an independent agency gives us the freedom and flexibility to offer plans that better fit our clients’ needs because we’re not selling insurance for just one company. Independent agencies can offer quick quotes from multiple agencies at once and give you unbiased advice, which saves you time and money. Independent agents give clients a head start when it comes to rating changes and they are proactive when it comes to their insurance rates. If you decide to switch carriers, you can keep your insurance agent only if they are independent. Don’t put up with higher rates to keep your agent, sign up with Matt Davis Insurance Agency for more freedom with your insurance choices.

Independent Agents Offer:

  • Personalized customer service
  • Save you time & money shopping around
  • Smaller company, no more waiting on hold with 1-800-numbers
  • Unbiased advice before choosing a policy or filing a claim
  • Knowledgeable of several different carrier products


Excellent Customer Service
Honest, Friendly, Knowledgeable
All Lines of Insurance Offered
Expert Guidance When Selecting Policies